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Here you will find answers to some of the most frequently asked questions.
If you need further details please contact us.

Where can I find a complete list of amenities and features for each apartment?
All of our apartments comply with our [charter of quality]. On the webpage for each apartment you will also find a complete description of its specific amenities.

Should we bring our own linen?
No. In each apartment you will be provided with a complete set of household linens for the duration of your stay. Note that this also includes bath towels.

Is there a telephone in the apartment?
Most apartments offer a fixed phone line as an option [extra services].

How will I know the price for each phone call I make?

Usually, domestic and most international calls are free of charge (see web page of individual apartments for details). Upon your departure, charged calls will be tabulated for payment. You will not be charged any extra fees for these calls -- only the original cost of the call, if any.

How can I call abroad?
Dial “00” before the country code. For example, a call to Moscow in Russia uses the country code +7 and the area code 495. So you would dial 007495, followed by the individual phone number: 00 + country code + area code + phone number. A fixed call to Paris, France requires the country code +33 and area code 01. So you would dial 0033 followed by the area code. (Note that you leave out the zero in the Paris area code, because you are calling from abroad: 00331 + phone number).

Will I have Internet access in my apartment?
All apartments feature Wi-Fi Internet connections. Some also offer a direct cable connection. Note that no computers are provided. If you want to connect, you will need to bring your own computer.

Is it okay to smoke in the apartment?
All apartments are non-smoking only.

Are pets allowed?

Pet policies vary for each apartment. When you reserve your apartment, don’t hesitate to ask about its specific pet policy. In most cases we ask the permission of the apartment owner.

Can I cook in my apartment?
Yes, you are free to cook. All apartments are equipped with necessary cooking equipment.

Which toiletries are provided?
Soap and toilet paper are provided. Shower gel and shampoo are not provided.

Will I find cleaning supplies in the apartments?
The apartment will have been cleaned prior to your arrival. It is also equipped with all necessary supplies in order to clean it during your stay. You are kindly requested to leave the apartment in the same state in which you found it.

What does “the same state in which you found it” mean?
This means that we request that you empty the dustbin, wash and put away dishes and sweep the floor. Please take care not to abuse, damage or break apartment furnishings.

What should I expect to pay for heating costs during winter?

A meter by the main entrance usually indicates the consumption for the heating during your stay. In winter time, under ordinary whether conditions (around 12°C) you should expect to pay 1,5-3 euros per day in order to heat an average-sized apartment 20-21°C (68-70°F) for the day.

Should we wash our bed linen before leaving ?

No, this will be taken care of after you leave.

Is breakfast provided?
Breakfast is not included in the rental fee. However we offer an optional service called [butter on your bread].

Where do we pick up our keys?
One of our representatives will meet you at the apartment. This person will give you all the necessary information about the apartment and the area.

I will need a car [rent a car]. Can you help us to rent one?
Yes! We collaborate with local firms and we can provide you cars at special fares. Do not hesitate to request this.

Can we pay the balance of the apartment with a credit card at the apartment?
At the apartment, the balance of your stay can only be paid in cash (euros only). If you wish to pay the full rental by credit card, you need to pay prior to your arrival via a secure payment system.

When is the security deposit refunded?
When you return the keys upon your departure, we will check the apartment’s condition. If no damage or deterioration is noted, then the security deposit is refunded immediately. In case of deterioration or damage during your stay, the cost will be deducted accordingly. Examples include broken dishes, damage to electronic equipment, destroyed furniture, broken mirrors, soiled walls, missing objects, etc.

I do no feel comfortable with online payments. Is there another way to confirm my reservation?
Yes. Bank transfers, money orders, or cash are also possible.